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Liam Watson is a British record producer and owner of Toe Rag Studios. Watson is perhaps best known for his work engineering and mixing the White Stripes' Elephant, receiving the 2004 Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album. More recently, he produced Hooverdam, the studio album by ex Stranglers lead singer Hugh Cornwell, which included "Please Don't Put Me on a Slow Boat to Trowbridge". Watson also produced the Bristols and Fabienne Delsol.

Toe Rag studios[edit]

Influenced by George Martin and Joe Meek, Watson established Toe Rag Studios in early 1991 with the idea of building a studio with predominantly analogue recording equipment. This was owing to his dislike of the numerous (digital) studios that had a short life span and "didn't really offer anything unique".[1] Watson was given free rein to record musicians and bands using his analogue studio: he worked alongside film producer and musician, Josh Collins, and retro-fashion designer, Barbara Hanf.


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