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Lian Ross
Lian Ross in Poland, Janikowo (2010).jpg
Background information
Birth nameJosephine Hiebel
Also known asDana, Dana Harris, Jobel, Joelle, Josy
Born (1964-12-08) December 8, 1964 (age 56)
OriginHamburg, Germany
GenresHi-NRG, Euro disco, house
Occupation(s)singer, songwriter-composer
Years active1979–present
Associated actsC.C. Catch, Modern Talking, 2 Eivissa, 2 Funky, Cherry, Creative Connection, Divina, Exotica, Fun Factory, Avantgarde, Happy House, Boom Boom Club, Hi Q, Stockholm Underground, Tears N´Joy, Teeko X

Lian Ross (born Josephine Hiebel; December 8, 1964)[1] is a German Hi-NRG/Euro disco singer.


She started her career by recording songs with producer Luis Rodriguez, whom she married later.[2]

She has recorded successful covers such as Sylvester's "Do You Wanna Funk"[3] and Modern Talking's "You're My Heart, You're My Soul." Her original hit songs include, "Say You'll Never", "Fantasy", and "Scratch My Name" among others. A compilation of her hit singles and choice tracks, "The Best of and More" was released in 2005.[4] One of her recent successful hit singles is, "Never Gonna Lose" released on ZYX Records in Germany on December 27, 2005 and her song "Young Hearts Run Free" was released on Blanco y Negro Music in Spain on September 9, 2009.[5]

She also provided vocals to many projects with her husband Luis Rodriguez, including Fun Factory, Creative Connection, Josy, Jobel, and Dana Harris.[2]



Released Title Pseudonym Label Country
1995 Enjoy Tears n' Joy Luiggi Records Spain
1998 Oh La La La 2 Eivissa Control Germany
1998 Neuer Kurs Negakuss Marlboro Music Germany
1999 Next Generation Fun Factory Marlboro Music Europe
1999 Next Generation (Japanese Deluxe Edition) Fun Factory Victor Japan
2002 ABC of Music Fun Factory Victor Japan
2003 Are You Ready? 2 Eivissa Blanco y Negro Spain
2004 The Best Of...And More Lian Ross ZYX Music Germany
2008 Maxi-Singles Collection Vol. 1 Lian Ross ESonCD Russia
2008 Maxi-Singles Collection Vol. 2 Lian Ross ESonCD Russia
2013 I Got the Beat Lian Ross Weiss Records Spain
2016 Greatest Hits & Remixes Lian Ross ZYX Music Germany
2016 And the Beat Goes On Lian Ross ZYX Music Germany


Released Title Label
1985 "Fantasy"/"Saturday Night" ZYX Records
1985 "Say You'll Never"/"I Need a Friend" ZYX Records
1986 "It's Up to You" Arrow Records
1986 "Neverending Love "Rap""/"Neverending Love "Song"" Arrow Records
1987 "Do You Wanna Funk"/"Magic Moment" Chic
1987 "Oh Won't You Tell Me"/"Reach Out" Chic
1988 "Say Say Say" Polydor
1989 "Feel So Good" Polydor
1993 "Fantasy '93"/"Trying to Forget You" Almighty Records
1994 "I Will Die for Love" Unreleased track
1994 "Keep This Feeling" Polydor
1996 "When I Look into Your Eyes" Unreleased track
1998 "Fantasy '98" ZYX Music
1998 "Fantasy (Remix)" ZYX Music
2004 "Fantasy 2004" Dance Street Records
2005 "I Wanna" House Nation
2005 "Never Gonna Lose" ZYX Music
2007 "On the Road Again" Storm
2009 "Young Hearts Run Free" Blanco y Negro
2012 "Minnie the Moocher" Blanco y Negro
2013 "Say You'll Never 2013" (promo only) Team 33
2014 "Get Closer" (duet with David Tavaré) Team 33
2014 "All We Need Is Love" (feat. TQ) ZYX Music
2014 "Good Feeling Power" (feat. Big Daddi) Team 33
2015 "You're My Heart, You're My Soul 2015" (feat. Big Daddi) Team 33

Duets, featured performances, collaborations[edit]

Released Title Artist Album
2007 "König" Matthias Reim feat. Lian Ross Männer sind Krieger
2008 "A Chi Mi Dice" Bino feat. Jobel Emozioni
2008 "Solo Tú" David Tavaré feat. Lian Ross La Vida Viene Y Va
2008 "La Vita é Bella" Oliver Lukas feat. Lian Ross Für Dich
2012 "Liebe" Oliver Lukas feat. Lian Ross Seiltänzer
2013 "Am Fenster" Matthias Reim Unendlich
2015 "Dale Duro" Tapo & Raya feat. 2 Eivissa
2015 "Viernes Tarde" Tanny Mas feat. Lian Ross True Illusions

Singles (under pseudonyms)[edit]

Released Title Pseudonym Label
1981 "I Know"/"Gimme More" Josy TELDEC
1982 "Do the Rock"/"What'd You Say" Josy TELDEC
1983 "Mama Say"/"Stop and Go" Josy TELDEC
1984 "Magic"/"Who Said You're the One" Josy Master Records
1985 "Tengo Tengo" Chicano TELDEC
1985 "Scratch My Name"/"Baby I'm on My Way" Creative Connection Chic
1985 "Call My Name"/"I'm on My Way" Creative Connection Chic
1985 "You're My Heart, You're My Soul"/"Dancing to the Beat" Creative Connection TELDEC
1985 "Viva El Amor" Don Luis Y Compania WEA
1985 "Mañana"/"Hey Mr. DJ" Loco Loco Constant
1986 "Don't You Go Away"/"That E-Motion" Creative Connection Arrow Records
1990 "My World Is Empty without You"/"I Need You by My Side" Dana Harris WEA Musik GmbH
1991 "Bacardi Feeling (Summer Dreaming)" Divina Control
1992 "Jimmy Mack"/"Is It Good to You" Dana RCA
1992 "Rhythm Is a Dancer" Key Biscayne Polystar
1992 "I Love Your Smile" Shona Control
1992 "Gimme Gimme Gimme"/"Summernight City" Stockholm Underground Control
1993 "All That She Wants" Bass of Spades Ultrapop
1993 "Wheel of Fortune" Bass of Spades Ultrapop
1993 "Teenage Revolution" Divina Ultrapop
1993 "Feel It" Hi-Q DJ's Delight
1993 "Go Before You Break My Heart"/"Brand New" Tears n' Joy RCA
1993 "I Will Always Love You"/"Let's Groove Tonight" Tears n' Joy RCA
1994 "You Got to Be Strong" Avant Garde DJ's Delight
1994 "Let's Go to Heaven" Hi-Q DJ's Delight
1995 "Can You Imagine?" Exotica Dance Pool
1995 "Upside Down" Joelle BMG
1995 "Take My Life" Tears n' Joy Luiggi Records
1996 "Boom Boom Boom" Boom Boom Club ROD Records
1996 "Another World" DJ Pierro Maad Records
1996 "I Want Your Sex" Exotica Dance Pool
1996 "Celebrate" Happy House ROD Records
1996 "How Deep Is Your Love"/"I Wanna Dance with Somebody" Jay Jay MCA Records
1996 "Let Me Dream Forever" Joelle unreleased track
1996 "We Got to Move" Teeko X Club Tools
1996 "Killing Me Softly" Teeko X feat. Rod D. Club Tools
1997 "I Fear" Dreamscape Eastwest Records GmbH
1998 "Move Your Body (Tu Tu Tu Tu Ta, Oh La)" 2 Eivissa Control
1998 "This Must Be Love" Joelle BMG
1999 "Bad Girl" 2 Eivissa Blanco y Negro
1999 "I Wanna Be Your Toy" 2 Eivissa Polydor
1999 "2 Funky" 2 Funky Marlboro Music
1999 "If You Believe" Cherry Marlboro Music
1999 "House of Love"/"Get the Rhythm"/"Next to You" Fun Factory Victor
1999 "Sha-La-La-La-La" Fun Factory Marlboro Music
1999 "Wish" Fun Factory Marlboro Music
1999 "Hambubas" Negakuss Marlboro Music
1999 "Das Leben Ist Nich Leicht" Negakuss Marlboro Music
2000 "Viva La Fiesta" 2 Eivissa Blanco y Negro
2001 "El Pelotón" 2 Eivissa Blanco y Negro
2002 "Meaning of My Life" 2 Eivissa Blanco y Negro
2002 "Suddenly" Dana Harris DA Records
2002 "I Need Your Love" Pierro feat. Joelle EMI
2003 "Boy Are You Ready" 2 Eivissa House Nation
2003 "Fire in the Sky" 2 Eivissa House Nation
2003 "I Would Die for Love" Exotica Limite Records / Bit Music
2004 "Hey Boy" 2 Eivissa House Nation
2004 "What Is Love?" Exotica Limite Records / Bit Music
2005 "Amigo" 2 Eivissa Blanco y Negro
2016 "Allez Allez! Je veux que vous dansez" 2 Eivissa ft. El Tapo Team 33 Music


  • 1984 – Magic
  • 1984 – You Light Up My Life
  • 1985 – Fantasy (Live at Formel Eins [de])
  • 1986 – Neverending Love
  • 1987 – Oh, Won't You Tell Me
  • 1988 – Say, Say, Say
  • 1989 – Say, Say, Say (Die Spielbude: Mic Mac)
  • 1989 – Feel So Good (1st version)
  • 1989 – Feel So Good (2nd version)
  • 1990 – My World Is Empty Without You
  • 1996 – Upside Down
  • 1996 – Upside Down (Live at DanceHaus)
  • 1999 – I Wanna Be Your Toy
  • 2004 – Say You'll Never (Discoteka 80's)
  • 2004 – Scratch My Name (Discoteka 80's)
  • 2014 – All We Need Is Love (feat. TQ)
  • 2015 – You're My Heart, You're My Soul (feat. Big Daddi)
  • 2015 – Viernes Tarde (Tanny Mas feat. Lian Ross)
  • 2015 – Dale Duro (Tapo & Raya feat. 2 Eivissa)
  • 2016 – Allez Allez! Je veux que vous dansez (2 Eivissa feat. El Tapo)
  • 2016 – Game Of Love (feat. Mode One)


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