Liana Badr

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Liana Badr
Born Jericho
Education M.A from BierZeit University. B.A in Philosophy and Psychology from Beirut Arab University.
Alma mater BierZeit University and Beirut Arab University

Liana Badr (born 1950 in Jerusalem) is a Palestinian novelist, and short story writer.[1]


She is a novelist, story writer, journalist, poet and cinema director. She was raised in Jericho. She studied at the University of Jordan. She graduated from the Beirut Arab University with a BA in philosophy and psychology. Liana studied at the Lebanese University. She earned her M.A from BierZeit university.[2] She lived in Beirut and worked as an editor for Al Hurriyya.

After 1982, she moved to Damascus, then Tunis, and Amman. She returned to Palestine in 1994.[3]

She worked in the Palestinian Ministry of Culture (PMC) as a general director for the Arts. She worked in the Cinematic Archive through their Audiovisual department. She was editor of Dafater Thaqafiyya.[4]


  • بوصلة من أجل عباد الشمس: رواية ؛ شرفة على الفاكهاني : قصص (Compass of the Sunflower) دار الثقافة الجديدة, 1989
  • جحيم ذهبي: قصص (Hell of Gold: stories), دار الاداب،, 1991
  • نجوم أريحا (Jericho Stars), دار الهلال،,1993
  • زنابق الضوء (Lillies light) 1998 دار شرقيات للنشر واالتوزيع,

Works in English[edit]



  • Fadwa: A Tale of a Palestinian Poetess. 52 min, 1999.
  • Zeitounat. 37 min, 2000.
  • The Green Bird. 37 min, 2002.
  • Siege ( A Writer's Diary). 33 min. 2003
  • The Gates are Open. Sometimes! 2006. 42 min.
  • A match on Thursday Afternoon. 2006. 3 min.
  • Al QUds – My City . 2010. 52 min [6]



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