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Liana Badr (born 1950 in Jerusalem) is a Palestinian novelist, and short story writer.[1]


She is a novelist, story writer, journalist, poet and cinema director. She was raised in Jericho. She studied at the University of Jordan. She graduated from the Beirut Arab University with a BA in philosophy and psychology. Liana studied at the Lebanese University. She earned her M.A from BierZeit university.[2] She lived in Beirut and worked as an editor for Al Hurriyya.

After 1982, she moved to Damascus, then Tunis, and Amman. She returned to Palestine in 1994.[3]

She worked in the Palestinian Ministry of Culture (PMC) as a general director for the Arts. She worked in the Cinematic Archive through their Audiovisual department. She was editor of Dafater Thaqafiyya.[4]


  • بوصلة من أجل عباد الشمس: رواية ؛ شرفة على الفاكهاني : قصص (Compass of the Sunflower) دار الثقافة الجديدة, 1989
  • جحيم ذهبي: قصص (Hell of Gold: stories), دار الاداب،, 1991
  • نجوم أريحا (Jericho Stars), دار الهلال،,1993
  • زنابق الضوء (Lillies light) 1998 دار شرقيات للنشر واالتوزيع,

Works in English[edit]



  • Fadwa: A Tale of a Palestinian Poetess. 52 min, 1999.
  • Zeitounat. 37 min, 2000.
  • The Green Bird. 37 min, 2002.
  • Siege ( A Writer's Diary). 33 min. 2003
  • The Gates are Open. Sometimes! 2006. 42 min.
  • A match on Thursday Afternoon. 2006. 3 min.
  • Al QUds – My City . 2010. 52 min [6]



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