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Babylon 5 - Liandra.jpg
First appearance The Legend of the Rangers
Affiliation Rangers
General characteristics
Armaments Neutron cannons
Fusion bolt batteries
Defenses Crystalline armored hull

The Liandra is a fictional starship in the Babylon 5 television movie Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers.


The Liandra is of Minbari origin, and although only around 20 years old it is considered an obsolete design standard by Minbari. The Liandra was given to Ranger Capt. David Martell after G'kar interfered with a Grey Council session that was about to decide Martell's fate for him retreating from a battle.


Like all Minbari designed ships the Liandra utilises gravimetric propulsion, she also possesses a virtual reality room in which uses holograms to allow a gunner can fight ship to ship in real time.

Although small, it is a jump-capable ship, despite the fact that in the movie "The Legend of the Rangers: To live and die in starlight" its jump drive was damaged during the attack perpetrated by vessels belonging to a race allied to "the Hand" and it had to coast on normal space to reach a jump gate. This has led to some confusion between some fans on the subject.


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