Liang Shiyi

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Liang Shiyi
Premier of the Republic of China
In office
President Xu Shichang
Preceded by Yan Huiqing
Succeeded by Yan Huiqing
Personal details
Born (1869-05-05)May 5, 1869
Sanshui, Guangdong
Died April 9, 1933(1933-04-09) (aged 63)
Shanghai, Republic of China
Political party Communications Clique

Liang Shiyi (Chinese: 梁士詒; Wade–Giles: Liang Shih-i; May 5, 1869 – April 9, 1933) was premier of China's Beiyang government from 1921 to 1922.


Liang Shiyi was born in Sanshui, Guangdong in 1869. In the Qing dynasty, he was put in charge of railways, the most profitable ministry of the government. This allowed him to create the influential Communications Clique. He was a close supporter of Yuan Shikai, served as his finance minister, and supported Yuan during the National Protection War.

After Yuan's death, President Li Yuanhong ordered the arrest of the eight top monarchists of Yuan's regime, this caused Liang to flee to Hong Kong. He returned in 1918 to run for the National Assembly of the Republic of China.

His Communications Clique was a distant second compared to Duan Qirui's Anfu Club but nevertheless he became speaker of the Senate. He then became premier when Jin Yunpeng was forced to resign in December 1921.

His month-long premiership was the subject of dispute between his supporter, Zhang Zuolin, and his detractor, Wu Peifu. When Wu forced his resignation on January 25, 1922, it caused the First Zhili-Fengtian War. Liang was fortunate to avoid the war himself in that he left Beijing under the excuse of illness as soon as he resigned. The Northern Expedition forced him to flee once again to Hong Kong in 1928, then he shuttled between Shanghai and Hong Kong for coping with the Japanese invaded Manchuria 1931, for tired of those, he died at Shanghai in 1933.


Preceded by
Yan Huiqing
Premier of the Republic of China
Succeeded by
Yan Huiqing