Liangshan Yuanguan

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Liangshan Yuanguan
Liangshan Yuanguan Image Zen.jpg
TitleChán master
Senior posting
TeacherTongan Guanzhi
PredecessorTongan Guanzhi
SuccessorDayang Jingxuan

Liangshan Yuanguan (simplified Chinese: 梁山缘观; traditional Chinese: 粱山緣觀; Wade–Giles: Liang-shan Yüan-kuan; Japanese: Ryōzan Enkan) was a Zen Buddhist monk during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period. His first appearance in the historical record is in the Transmission of the Lamp, which was compiled around 1004. No precise dates are available for when he lived, and information about his life is scant.[1]


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Buddhist titles
Preceded by
Tongan Guanzhi
Sōtō Zen patriarch Succeeded by
Dayang Jingxuan