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The Liangzhou District (Chinese: 凉州区; pinyin: Liángzhōu Qū) is an administrative district in Gansu, the People's Republic of China. It is one of 17 districts of Gansu. It is part of the Wuwei prefecture, with the city of the same name being the prefectural seat.


Liangzhou District is located in east Hexi Corridor, north to the Qilian Mountains. It can be divided geographically in three main areas: Qilian Mountains in the southwest, Hexi Corridor in the middle, and desert in the northeast.[1] Liangzhou District is an agricultural oasis located in the Shiyang River (石羊河) catchment area.[2][3]

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Coordinates: 37°55′42″N 102°38′31″E / 37.9283°N 102.642°E / 37.9283; 102.642