Liao Li

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Liao Li
Minister of Shu Han
Born (Unknown)
Died (Unknown)
Traditional Chinese 廖立
Simplified Chinese 廖立
Pinyin Liào Lì
Wade–Giles Liao Li
Courtesy name Gongyuan (Chinese: 公淵; pinyin: Gōngyuān; Wade–Giles: Kung-yuen)
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Liao.

Liao Li (birth and death dates unknown), courtesy name Gongyuan, was a minister of the state of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms period. He received many appointments during his service, including the post of Administrator. He was later appointed as a Changshui Colonel, but was exiled for poor performance. When he heard about the death of the chancellor Zhuge Liang, he mourned for a long time.

Appointments and titles held[edit]

  • Assistant Officer (從事)
  • Administrator of Changsha (長沙太守)
  • Administrator of Ba Commandery (巴郡太守)
  • Palace Attendant (侍中)
  • Changshui Colonel (長水校尉)

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