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Liaoning Radio and Television (LRTV)
Radio and Television,
Satellite television and
Cable television
Industry Television Broadcasting
Founded December 18, 2009
Headquarters Shenyang, Liaoning, China
Products Television content, Television programming

Liaoning Television, LRTV or Liaoning Radio and Television is located in Shenyang, Liaoning province, China. The television was launched on October 1, 1959. And it is one of the earliest launched televisions in China. LRTV now has 9 radio channels and 10 TV channels for the public, 18 LNVOD for the viewers in Liaoning Province and 6 Pay TV channels for all the viewers in China. LRTV broadcasts only in Mandarin (usually with Chinese subtitles, and occasionally English as well for some features, such as The Ultimate Fighter: China). LRTV's TV and radio broadcasts can be streamed for free online on their main website.

LRTV's radio channels[edit]

  • Comprehensive Radio
  • Economic Radio
  • Cultural And Art Radio
  • Traffic Radio
  • Rural Radio
  • Life Radio
  • Music Radio
  • Urban Radio
  • Information Radio(Dalian Branch)

LRTV's TV channels[edit]

  • Liaoning TV (Satellite)
  • City Channel
  • Movie & TV series Channel
  • Yi Jia Tele-Shopping
  • Sports Channel
  • Education & Youth Channel
  • Life Channel
  • Public Channel
  • North Channel
  • Economic Channel

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