Liaquat National Memorial Library

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The Liaquat National Memorial Library, formerly called, National Library of Pakistan, is located at Stadium Road in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.

The National Library of Pakistan was established in 1950 as a branch directorate. In the year 1954, the Liaquat Memorial Library was declared a legal depository under the Copyright Law. This Library continued to function of the National Library until 1986. Over a short span of few years the library has acquired numerous collections through purchases, copyright deposits, gifts, exchanges, and donations. The library has total holdings of 144,000 volumes (73,000 English and European Languages, 40,000 Oriental Languages).

Liaquat Memorial Library has been serving the nation for over fifty years and its collection of more than 150,000 can now be searched online. The library has the biggest collection among the public libraries of the country. Liaquat Memorial Library holds thousands of volumes of books and other reading materials. Library is intended to be a reference library for all purposes, a working place for scholars, Postgraduate students of social sciences and humanities and repository of national published literature for future historians.

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