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Stable release
Preview release
Written inANSI C
Operating systemCross-platform
TypeSoftware Library
LicenseZLIB/LIBPNG Licence

libHaru is a free, open-source, cross platform library for generating PDF files for applications written in C or C++.[1][2][3] It is not intended for reading and editing existing PDF files.

It supports the following features:

Supporting compilers and programming languages[edit]

libHaru is written in ANSI C and should compile easily with any compliant C compiler.

It tested in the following environment:

libHaru can be used as a static library or as a dynamic library.

When you use it as static-library, it can be used by C and a C++. But when you use it as shared-library, it can be used by many development languages which support shared library.

libharu provides bindings for programming languages:


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