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Original author(s) The GNOME Project
Developer(s) Various people
Initial release September 23, 1999; 17 years ago (1999-09-23)
Stable release 2.9.4 (May 23, 2016; 7 months ago (2016-05-23)) [±]
Preview release Git (Current) [±]
Written in C
Operating system Unix-like, Windows, CygWin, macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS, RISC OS, OS/2, VMS, QNX, MVS
Type XML parser
License MIT License

libxml2 is a software library for parsing XML documents. It is also the basis for the libxslt library which processes XSLT-1.0 stylesheets.


Written in the C programming language, libxml2 provides bindings to C++, Ch,[1] XSH, C#, Python, Kylix/Delphi and other Pascals, Ruby, Common Lisp,[2] and PHP. [3] It can be accessed from the Perl programming language using the XML::LibXML module. It was originally developed for the GNOME project, but can be used outside it. The libXML code is highly portable,[4] since it depends on standard ANSI C libraries only, [5] and it is released under the MIT license. This library was written by Daniel Veillard and enjoys active feedback from its users.

It includes the command-line utility xmllint and an HTML parser.[6]

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