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ليبان بوست
IndustryPostal services
Key people
Khalil daoud (CEO)

LibanPost is the national post office of Lebanon. It is relatively a young postal operator, established in 1998. It is privately owned, in charge of operating the postal sector. Since its inception, LibanPost embarked on a program of rebuilding infrastructure, diversification and branding.[1]


The company offers more than 100 services, covering mail and express, financial services, retail and merchandising activities, business solutions, e-commerce and governmental services. LibanPost provides governmental services portfolio across 15 public institutions, positioning itself as a formal intermediary between citizens and governmental institutions. It handles the customer care roles and manages logistics related to the service fulfillment.

LibanPost is a member of the Express Mail Service.[2]

Size of operations[edit]

The company handles an average of 20 million shipments yearly. Up to the year 2011, LibanPost had executed 8 million governmental formalities. LibanPost operates today a growing network of 74 post offices covering the country, and is present in high traffic areas such as shopping malls, with extended business hours, in universities and corporations. The company employs 900 employees averaging 35 years old.[citation needed]


Automation touched all aspects of LibanPost’s business. LibanPost has developed applications for 150 services and 350 sub-services, including a governmental services platform which consolidates, in a user-friendly design, governmental services and end-to-end processing. LibanPost developed innovative services such as the Home Service facility, providing post office services at the customer’s premises, and address coding using GPS technology.[citation needed]


The certification to ISO 9001 standards for Management and Operations crowned LibanPost’s journey of excellence. This success has not gone unnoticed, with LibanPost's persistent efforts gaining it the reputation of an efficient, quality-conscious, and accessible service provider. Throughout its young history, it has won several accolades, including:

  • SuperBrand award for Brand Excellence (2006),
  • World Mail award for Innovation (2010),
  • World Mail award for Transformation (2010),
  • Certification to ISO 9001 standards for Management and Operations (2011),
  • LebWeb award for the LibanPost’s website (2012),
  • Tatweej Academy Award for Excellence (2012),
  • Best Socially Interactive Platform award for LibanPost’s Facebook page (2012),
  • Best Lebanese Corporate Award from the Arab Organization for Social Responsibility (2012),
  • ID People - Postal Innovation Award (2013),
  • Token of Appreciation- Allianz SNA (2014),
  • EuroMed Postal Innovation Award (2015),
  • Tatweej Academy Award for Excellence (2016),
  • World Post & Parcels Award for Innovation (2016),
  • World Post & Parcel Award for “Corporate Social Responsibility” (2018)
  • UN Global Compact, "SDG Pioneers" (2018)
  • Postal and Parcel Technology International for "Service Provider of the year" (2018)

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