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Libbaya is located in Lebanon
Location in Lebanon
Coordinates: 33°28′57″N 35°43′26″E / 33.48250°N 35.72389°E / 33.48250; 35.72389Coordinates: 33°28′57″N 35°43′26″E / 33.48250°N 35.72389°E / 33.48250; 35.72389
Country  Lebanon
Governorate Beqaa Governorate
District Western Beqaa District

Libbaya (لبايا) is a village in the Beka'a Valley of Lebanon, situated in the Western Beqaa District of the Beqaa Governorate. It lies southeast of Sohmor.

During the war in the 1980s, four Israeli Cobra helicopters backing the attacking force strafed Libbaya and nearby villages, killing a Lebanese soldier.[1]

Roman temple[edit]

There is a Roman temple near the town that was called Ain Libbaya or Ayn Libbaya. It was classified amongst a group of Temples of Mount Hermon by George Taylor.[2]


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