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Libby Morris
Born 1930
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Libby Morris (born 1930) is a Canadian comic actress. She appeared in several BBC radio shows of the 1950s and moved into TV and film from the 1960s onwards. She then moved on to London, England, where she starred in her own show doing impersonations.


Morris and her husband Murray Cash raised their daughter, Marcia Cash, in Hampstead, London where they lived together for many years. They later returned to their native Canada where they remained until Cash died in March 2009.[1] In 1981 they appeared together on stage in Hampstead in Morris's play A Girl's Best Friend. They also often participated in fundraising shows for the Stars Foundation for Cerebral Palsy.[2]

Radio appearances[edit]

  • 1955 The Jack Jackson Show
  • 1956 Meet Libby Morris
  • 1956 Two's Company

TV appearances[edit]

1971 ..David Nixons magic box


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