Liberal Alliance of Montenegro

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Liberal Alliance of Montenegro
Leader Slavko Perović
Founded 1990
Dissolved 2005
Ideology Liberalism,
Montenegrin nationalism,

The Liberal Alliance of Montenegro (Montenegrin: Либерални Савез Црне Горе - ЛСЦГ, Liberalni Savez Crne Gore - LSCG) was a liberal political party in Montenegro. The party used to be a member of Liberal International.

LSCG was the first political party to advocate independent Montenegro, and was a strong supporter of the independence idea throughout its existence. It was also the only party that openly opposed to Montenegrin involvement into war in Croatia and bombing of Dubrovnik in 1991.

At the last legislative elections in Montenegro in which the party took part, on 21 October 2002, LSCG won 4 out of 75 seats.


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