Liberal Conspiracy

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Liberal Conspiracy
Type of site
Owner Sunny Hundal (editor)
Created by Multiple contributors
Commercial No
Launched 2007
Current status Active

Liberal Conspiracy is a British left wing political blog established in November 2007 and edited by Sunny Hundal. Writing in The Guardian, Hundal claimed he set up the site to help "think past single-issue campaigns and work together to push a progressive agenda for Britain ... We have to rebuild the grassroots and translate that into political action by using the web."[1]

Content has been produced by about 250 contributors, and at its peak the blog recorded 180,000 unique visitors in July 2011, as reported by Hundal to website[2]

On 25 October 2013 Sunny Hundal announced that he no longer had the time to maintain Liberal Conspiracy as a daily-updated blog, and that "the market for opinion is over-saturated", so the website would become an occasionally updated personal blog.[2][3] The website has had no updates since a November 27, 2015 entry that discussed Syria and ISIS.


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