Liberal Democratic Party (Belarus)

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Liberal Democratic Party
Лібэральна-дэмакратычная партыя
Russian name Либерально-демократическая партия
Leader Sergei Gaidukevich
Founded 1994 (1994)
Headquarters Minsk
Ideology Pan-Slavism[1]
Russian–Belarusian Unionism[1]
Right-wing populism
Political position Right-wing
European affiliation None
International affiliation None
Colours Blue, White, Green
House of Representatives
1 / 110
Council of the Republic
1 / 64
Local seats
0 / 18,809

The Liberal Democratic Party (Belarusian: Лібэральна-дэмакратычная партыя, Russian: Либерально-демократическая партия, translit. Liberal'no-Demokraticheskaya Partiya), or LDP, is a political party in Belarus. It was created in 1994 as the Belarusian successor of the Liberal Democratic Party of the Soviet Union. The party supports the current president Alexander Lukashenko.[2]

In the legislative elections, 13–17 October 2004, the party won 1 out of 110 seats. The party adheres to an ideology similar to that of Liberal Democratic Party of Russia and advocates unification of Russia and Belarus. Its candidate at the presidential election of 2006, Sergei Gaidukevich, won 3.5% of the vote.

According to the official results of the elections to the local Councils of Deputies of the Republic of Belarus (2014), no candidate from the party was not able to become a deputy.

Despite its name, Pippa Norris characterised the party as an extremist organization dedicated to restoring the USSR. It is run by its leader Haidukevich and has no democratic structures.[3]

Leader Gaydukevich is the deputy chairman of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly of Belarus for international affairs and national security. He was elected in 2016 a member of the National Council of the sixth convocation of the Minsk region.

De facto LDP, despite the claims, is neither the opposition nor the more liberal - democratic ideology. Estimates of its ideology is very differ - called populism and panslavyanstvo and statism.

LDP - is clearly personified the Party and its policy is completely determined leader Sergey Gaidukevich.

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