Liberal Democratic Party (Portugal)

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Liberal Democratic Party
Partido Liberal Democrata
Leader Francisco Oliveira
Founded 2007
Headquarters Sede Rua Castilho, n.º 5 - 1ª Loja 1250-066 Lisboa
Ideology Liberalism
Political position Centre
Assembly of the Republic
0 / 230
European Parliament
0 / 21

The Liberal Democratic Party (Portuguese: Partido Liberal-Democrata, PLD) is a minor liberalcentrist political party in Portugal. It has no representatives in the Assembly of the Republic, the Portuguese legislature.

It was founded in September 2007,[1] in Lisbon by college professor Eduardo Correia as the Merit and Society Movement (Portuguese: Movimento Mérito e Sociedade, pronounced [muviˈmẽtu ˈmɛɾitu i susieˈdadɨ]; abbreviated MMS). On April 29, 2008 8,400 signatures were presented to the Portuguese Constitutional Court to start the legal procedures for the formation of the party. It was recognized the same month. Since 2011, it has been called the Liberal Democratic Party.


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