Liberal Democratic Party (Turkey)

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Liberal Democratic Party
Liberal Demokrat Parti
Leader Gültekin Tırpancı
Founded 1994
Headquarters Meşrutiyet Caddesi No: 23 Kızılay – Ankara
Ideology Classical liberalism
Political position Centrism
European affiliation none
Colours White and blue

The Liberal Democratic Party (Turkish: Liberal Demokrat Parti) is a classical liberal party in Turkey. LDP was founded in 1994 as Liberal Parti by Turkish entrepreneur Besim Tibuk. Tibuk was the advisor of Turkish President Turgut Özal until Özal died on 17 April 1993. After the death of Turgut Özal, Besim Tibuk decided to found a new party to emphasize the liberal movement in Turkey.

After the failure of his party in the 2002 general elections, Tibuk resigned. Cem Toker was the leader of LDP from 20 June 2005 to 29 January 2017.

Turkish general elections performance[edit]

Election date Party leader Total votes Percentage of the total votes Deputies (number)
Turkish general election, 1999 Besim Tibuk 127,174 0.41% 0/550
Turkish general election, 2002 Besim Tibuk 89,177 0.28% 0/550
Turkish general election, 2007 Cem Toker 36,717 0.10% 0/550
Turkish general election, 2011 Cem Toker 15,599 0.04% 0/550
Turkish general election, June 2015 Cem Toker 27,167 0.06% 0/550
Turkish general election, November 2015 Cem Toker 26,816 0.06% 0/550

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