Liberal Democrats deputy leadership election, 2006

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Liberal Democrats deputy leadership election
United Kingdom
2003 ←
29 March 2006 → 2010

  Vince Cable
Candidate Vince Cable Matthew Taylor
Party Liberal Democrat Liberal Democrat
Popular vote 31 29
Percentage 49.2 46.8

Deputy Leader before election

Sir Menzies Campbell

Elected Deputy Leader

Vince Cable

The 2006 Liberal Democrats deputy leadership election began on 2 March 2006, when the sitting Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Sir Menzies Campbell, was elected leader of the party. Campbell had been deputy leader since February 2003.

The post was elected by and from the party's 63 Members of Parliament in the House of Commons, who voted on 29 March 2006. Vince Cable was elected as deputy leader in the second round.

There were three candidates: Vince Cable, David Heath and Matthew Taylor. Three further MPs, Susan Kramer, Phil Willis and Ed Davey, canvassed support from colleagues but did not enter nominations.[1]


First round
Candidate Votes %
Matthew Taylor 25 39.7
Vince Cable 21 33.3
David Heath 17 27.0
Turnout 63 100%

David Heath was eliminated after the first round and his second preferences were redistributed.[2]

Second round
Candidate Change Votes %
Vince Cable +10 31 49.2
Matthew Taylor +4 29 46.8
Not transferable +3 3 4.8
Turnout 63 100%

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