Liberal Reformist Party (Puerto Rico)

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The Liberal Reformist Party (Spanish: Partido Liberal Reformista) was a political party in Puerto Rico founded by Pedro Gerónimo Goico[citation needed], Jose Julian Acosta and Roman Baldorioty de Castro in 1870.[1]

It was the first political party ever to be established in Puerto Rico.[2]

The party was formed following the Grito de Lares revolt.[3] Unlike the other party at the time, the Liberal Conservative Party, and which advocated assimilation into the political party system of Spain, the Autonomists—as the Liberal Reformist Party was called—advocated decentralization away from Spanish control.[4]

The party was led by Pedro Gerónimo Goico (president)[citation needed], Jose Julian Acosta, José Celis Aguilera, Román Baldorioty de Castro, Julián Blanco, Nicolás Aguayo and Manuel Corchado Juarbe. The party would later change its name to Partido Incondicional Español (Unconditional Spanish Party).


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