Liberal Vannin Party

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Liberal Vannin Party
Leader Kate Beecroft MHK
Founded 2006
Headquarters Douglas, Isle of Man
Ideology Liberalism
Manx Devolution
Democratic liberalism
International affiliation Liberal International (observer)
House of Keys
3 / 24
Politics of the Isle of Man
Political parties

The Liberal Vannin Party (LVP) is a political party on the Isle of Man. It was founded in 2006 by Onchan MHK Peter Karran. The Liberal Vannin Party put forward several candidates at the 2006 general election, and campaigns on a platform of greater accountability and openness in government.[1]

2006 Election[edit]


  • Addressing the Housing Crisis – "Nests for People not nest eggs for investors".
  • Facing the Facts On Immigration – "A Prosperous and Caring Society, NOT Unlimited Immigration"
  • The Economy &nddash; Making “Freedom to Flourish” more than just a slogan.
  • Law & Order – "Putting the Bobby Back On The Beat".
  • The Health Service – "Giving Patients More Choice".
  • Protecting Pensions – "Providing certainty and fairness to pensioners".
  • Education – "Towards a Competent and Self Reliant Society".
  • Government Reform – "Getting more value from the Public Sector".
  • Protecting Our Environment

The Liberal Vannin Party (LVP) says it is committed to “Sustainable Development” for the protection of the environment and supports the encouragement of a culture of recycling and environmental awareness.[citation needed]

The Liberal Vannin Party are developing a "green" policy assisted by Mr Kevin Joseph McCarthy MSc and aim to invest in the appropriate technology and infrastructure to support this important environmental and economic goal in the spirit of the United Nations’ “Agenda 21”.[citation needed] As an integral part of this goal the LVP wants to investigate tidal and wind power as a means of generating alternative energy sources for the Island.[citation needed]

They took two seats in the House of Keys in 2006, with Peter Karran (Onchan) and Bill Malarky (Douglas South) returned as Members of the House of Keys.[2]

Bill Malarky subsequently resigned from the party, reducing its representation to a single seat.

2011 Election[edit]

The Liberal Vannin party gained two seats in Onchan (Peter Karran and Zac Hall) and a seat in Douglas South (Kate Beecroft).[3]

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