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This article gives an overview of liberalism in Japan. It is limited to liberal parties with substantial support, proved by having had representation in parliament. The sign ⇒ means a reference to another party in that scheme. For inclusion in this scheme it isn't necessary that parties labelled themselves `liberal`.


In reaction to traditional society a liberal current formed in the nineteenth century. In the twentieth century 'liberal' became gradually a synonym for conservative and the main conservative party is named Liberal Democratic Party (Jiyu Minshuto). The Democratic Party (Minshuto) is a left of center liberal, social democratic party. The liberal character of the Liberal League (Jiyu Rengo) is disputed, it is also considered to be conservative party.

The timeline[edit]

From Public Society of Patriots until Constitutional Politics Party[edit]

  • 1874: Liberals founded the Public Society of Patriots (Aikoku Koto)
  • 1881: The Aikoku Koto is continued by the Liberal Party (Jiyu-to)
  • 1891: The Jiyuto is renamed into Constitutional Liberal Party (Rikken Jiyuto)
  • 1898: The Constitutional Liberal Party merged with the ⇒ Progressive Party into the Constitutional Politics Party (Kenseito)
  • 1898: A faction seceded as the ⇒ Constitutional Center Party
  • 1900: The party is taken over by the oligarchy and renamed into Constitutional Political Friends Association (Rikken Seiyukai)

From Constitutional Progressive Party to Reform Club[edit]

From Constitutional Association of Allies to Constitutional Democratic Party[edit]

Authentic Constitutional Party of Political Friendship[edit]

From Renewal Party to Liberal Party (1993)[edit]

  • 1993: A liberal faction of the conservative Liberal Democratic Party (Jiyu-Minshuto) seceded as the Renewal Party (Shinseito)
  • 1994: The Renewal Party merged with other factions into the New Frontier Party (Shinshinto)
  • 1997: The New Frontier Party fell apart into many parties, among them since 1998 the Liberal Party (Jiyuto), but also the Good Governance Party (Minseito), the New Fraternity Party (Shinto-Yuai) and the Democratic Reform Party (Minshu-Kaikaku-Rengo)
  • 2000: Dissidents of the Liberal Party formed the New Conservative Party (Hoshuto)
  • 2003: The Liberal Party merged into the ⇒ Democratic Party of Japan

New Party Harbinger[edit]

  • 1993: A liberal faction of the conservative Liberal Democratic Party (Jiyu-Minshuto) seceded as the New Party Harbinger (Shinto Sakigake)
  • 1996: Most members co-found the ⇒ Democratic Party of Japan
  • 1998: The party evolved in conservative direction, renamed into Harbinger (Sakigake) and further renamed in 2002 into Green Assembly (Midori No Kaigi)

Democratic Party of Japan[edit]

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