Liberality and Prodigality

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Liberality and Prodigality
Written by Unknown
Date premiered c.1567
Genre Morality play, Comedy

Liberality and Prodigality (A Pleasant Comedie, shewing the contention betweene Liberalitie and Prodigalitie, also known as Contention between Liberality and Prodigality) is a morality play by an unknown author from c.1567.[1] Its title page also reads: "As it was played before her Maiestie. London Printed by Simon Stafford for George Vincent, and are to be sold at the signs of the Hand in hand in Wood-street over against S. Michaels Church."

The copy of this play in the Garrick Collection appears to be the only one known. There is some internal evidence, from the allusion to the 43rd year of Queen Elizabeth, that the production was performed before her Majesty in 1600; and it seems likely that it was a revival of a more ancient piece. Edward Phillips, author of the "Theatrum Poetarum," assigned it to Robert Greene, but this attribution is dubious.


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