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The Liberals of Serbia (Serbian: Либерали Србије, Liberali Srbije) was a political party in Serbia.

The party was founded in 1990, when the Social Democratic Youth League reconstituted itself as New Democracy. In 2003 the party was renamed Liberals of Serbia.

When the Socialist Party of Serbia lost its majority in parliament, New Democracy, which had previously belonged to the opposition, supported the socialists in gaining a parliamentary majority necessary to form a government. In 1998, New Democracy left the government and was replaced by the Serbian Radical Party.

In 2000, New Democracy was a part of the Democratic Opposition of Serbia (DOS) coalition, the candidate of which, Vojislav Koštunica, won the 2000 presidential elections. At the parliamentary election in the same year the party was part of the same coalition, and participated to the government which was formed by DOS.

At the parliamentary election on 28 December 2003 Liberals of Serbia put up as candidates the former Serbian Interior Minister Dušan Mihajlović and the former Chief of Serbian Police, General Sreten Lukić, the latter indicted for war crimes in the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. The party won 0.7% of the popular vote and no seats.

The party ceased to exist in 2010.

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