Giải phóng miền Nam

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Giải phóng miền Nam
English: Liberate the South
A red rectangle on top and a blue rectangle on bottom, with a yellow five-pointed star in the middle.
The flag of the National Front for the Liberation of Southern Vietnam.

National anthem of Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of South Vietnam Provisional South Vietnam
Also known as
English: Release the South
Lyrics Lưu Hữu Phước, July 1969[1]
Music Lưu Hữu Phước, July 1969[1]
Adopted 1975
Relinquished 1976
Music sample

"Liberate the South" (Vietnamese: Giải phóng miền Nam), also known as "Release the South", was the national anthem of the Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of South Vietnam from 1975 to 1976.


Lưu Hữu Phước, a well-known Vietnamese communist and songwriter who lived from 1921 to 1989, wrote both the lyrics and composed the music to "Liberate the South". Phước also wrote the national anthem of South Vietnam beforehand, although this was before he became a communist.[1]


Vietnamese vocal arrangement

English lyrics[edit]

To liberate the South, we decided to advance,
To exterminate the American imperialists, and destroy the country sellers.
Oh bones have broken, and blood has fallen, the hatred is rising high.
Our country has been separated for so long.
Here, the sacred Mekong, here, glorious Truong Son Mountains
Are urging us to advance to kill the enemy,
Shoulder to shoulder, under a common flag.

Arise! Ye brave people of the South!
Arise! Let us go through these storms.
We'll save the homeland, to the end we'll sacrifice!
Hold your swords and guns, let us go forward!
The chance is coming up, the sun shines everywhere.
We'll build up our nation, forever shining.

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