Liberation Day (Falkland Islands)

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Liberation Day
The Falklands War Memorial in Stanley, Falkland Islands.jpg
Official nameLiberation Day
Observed byFalkland Islands
TypeNational Day
ObservancesThanksgiving service, Wreath laying, Military parade
Date14 June
Next time14 June 2020 (2020-06)
Related toOccupation of the Falkland Islands during Falklands War

Liberation Day is the national day of the Falkland Islands and commemorates the liberation of the Falkland Islanders from Argentine military occupation at the end of the Falklands War on 14 June 1982.[1][2]

It is celebrated every year on 14 June (observed on 15 June when 14th is a Sunday) and is a public holiday.[3] Commemorations include a thanksgiving service at Christ Church Cathedral, followed by wreath laying at the Liberation Memorial and a military parade in Stanley.[4]

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