Liberation Day (Hong Kong)

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Liberation Day
1945 liberation of Hong Kong at Cenotaph.jpg
Liberation of Hong Kong in 1945
Official name重光紀念日
Observed byHong Kong
TypeWar Memorial
Significancecommemorates liberation from Japanese occupation
DateLast Monday in August
2018 dateAugust 27  (2018-08-27)
2019 dateAugust 26  (2019-08-26)
2020 dateAugust 31  (2020-08-31)
2021 dateAugust 30  (2021-08-30)
First time1946
Last time1996 (officially)
Related toVictory over Japan Day
Liberation Day
Literal meaning"Recover Light Memorial Day"

During British rule, Liberation Day celebration took place in Hong Kong on the last Monday in August to commemorate the liberation of Hong Kong from Japanese occupation in 1945.[1] No official ceremonies have taken place in Hong Kong since 1997. Nevertheless, unofficial delegations do mark events at The Cenotaph, and the flag poles are occasionally dressed.

Memorial Day of the War of Resistance[2] was created after 1997 but in fact referred to the war events on the Chinese mainland rather than the Battle that took place in Hong Kong and the subsequent Occupation which is part of Imperial Japan's Pacific Campaign. Historians consider the Sino-Japanese War and the Pacific War as two distinct concepts and they should be treated as separate historic developments.[citation needed]


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