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Liberator is a ska band originating from Malmö, in the south of Sweden. They started in 1994 and released their most recent album in 2009. Currently they are signed to Burning Heart Records.



  • This Is Liberator (1996, Burning Heart)
  • Worldwide Delivery (1998, Burning Heart; 2000 Epitaph (US release))
  • Too Much of Everything (2000, Burning Heart)
  • Soundchecks 95-00 (2001, Burning Heart)
  • Are You Liberated? (2003)
  • Stand and Deliver (2009)

Singles and EPs[edit]

  • Freedom Fighters EP (1996, Burning Heart)
  • "Tell Me Tell Me" (1996, Burning Heart)
  • Carefully Blended EP (1997, Burning Heart)
  • "Kick the Bucket" (1998, Burning Heart; 1998 Heartcore (US release))
  • "Christina" (1998, Burning Heart)
  • "Everybody Wants It All" (2000, Burning Heart)
  • "Ring the Alarm" (2008, Bale Records Inc.)


Robert Ylipää Johan Holmberg Rodrigo López Per Hedberg Erik Wesser Daniel Mattisson Peter Andersson Andreas Sjögren