Libertære Socialister

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Libertære Socialister
Leader Collective leadership
Founded 8 November 2009 (2009-11-08)
Ideology Anarchist Communism, Platformism, Especifismo, Libertarian Socialism, Anarcho-Syndicalism, Social Anarchism, Social insertion
European affiliation EuroAnarkismo
International affiliation Anarkismo

Libertære Socialister (abbreviated to LS) is a Danish political left-wing organization which was founded on November 8, 2009 at its third initial meeting in Horsens. The organisation is working on the political ground of an anti-capitalist, revolutionary and libertarian socialist platform.[1] LS has local groups in Copenhagen, Aalborg and Odense and these groups are linked together in a federation, which is described in details the organization's rules.[2] There is no official number of members, but according to a report from Roskilde University LS has approximately 300 members and is described as "the most important and most visible representative of the anarchist trend in Denmark".[3] LS describe themselves on their website as "a federation of independent local groups that seek to promote the fight for libertarian socialism: a stateless socialist council society based on federalism and direct democracy.".[4] LS is an anti-parliamentarist organization and reject any participation in elections. Instead LS advocates and uses the direct-action-methods of mass anarchism and syndicalism: strikes, blocades, occupations, sabotage, work-to-rule, boycotts, slowdown, demonstrations, etc. LS consider the revolutionary general strike and the popular insurrection as the ultimate weapons that can end capitalism and statism and bring about a libertarian socialist society.


The local LS-groups arranges lectures and discussion meetings and get involved in political struggles and movements relating to environment and climate, industrial and social conflicts, anti-racism, anti-militarism, gender politics etc.[5][6][7] The organisation has in several cases defended the use of political militancy under certain circumstances.[8][9] During the protests at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP15) in 2009, 913 were arrested in a mass arrest and as part of this maneuver all involved in the LS block in the demonstration were arrested.[10][11] Many of those arrested sued the police for wrongful arrest and at the end of the case the arrests were found to be illegal,[12] and the police were ordered to pay damages.[13] At the labor movements May Day meetings in 2013[14] LS participated in protests against the Social Democrats and the Socialist People's Party and the policy they have led after the change of government in 2011 (In Copenhagen LS played a leading role in these protests).[15] During the protests there were claims by both sides of aggressive behaviour from the other side,[16][17] some of which were later retracted.[18][19] The protests had the effect that speakers from the Social Democrats and SF had to interrupt their speeches ahead of time at the meetings in Copenhagen, Aalborg, Aarhus and other cities.[20][21][22]

Direkte Aktion[edit]

LS publishes the magazine Direkte Aktion, which began to be published in February 2011.[23][24][25]

International relations[edit]

Internationally, LS joined the Anarkismo-network[26][27] and is helping to edit the website[28] and the Anarchist Black Cat forums.[29] LS participates in international conferences of the Anarkismo-network and is working together with other affiliated organizations on joint campaigns. The Anarkismo-network's European branch has created EuroAnarkismo[30] with the aim of strengthening the international cooperation and the anarchist movement in Europe.[31][32][33] By joining the Anarkismo-network LS has placed itself within the platformist-especifist tradition of the international anarchist movement.[34]

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