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Libertarian League was a name used by two American anarchist and libertarian socialist organisations during the twentieth century.

The first Libertarian League was founded in Los Angeles between the two World Wars.[1]:486 It was established mainly by Cassius V. Cook, Charles T. Sprading, Clarence Lee Swartz, Henry Cohen, Hans F. Rossner and Thomas Bell.[1]:486

The second Libertarian League was founded in New York City in 1954 as a political organisation building on the Libertarian Book Club.[2][1]:471–472 Members included Sam Dolgoff, Russell Blackwell, Dave Van Ronk, Enrico Arrigoni[1] and Murray Bookchin. This league had a narrower political focus than the first, promoting anarchism and syndicalism. Its central principle, stated in its journal Views and Comments, was "equal freedom for all in a free socialist society". Branches of the League opened in a number of other American cities, including Detroit and San Francisco. It was dissolved at the end of the 1960s.


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