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The Libertarian National Committee (LNC) controls and manages the affairs, properties, and funds of the United States Libertarian Party. It is composed of the party officers, five at-large representatives elected every two years at the national convention, and a theoretical maximum of 10 regional representatives. The current chair, elected in June 2014, is Nicholas Sarwark.[1] The Executive Director is Wes Benedict.[2]

The Libertarian National Committee has lobbied or filed lawsuits against laws and regulations that restrict contributions to parties and candidates.[3][4][5][6]

The Libertarian National Committee is a separate entity from the "Libertarian National Congressional Committee", a Federal Elections Commission registered entity,[7] now doing business as the "Libertarian National Campaign Committee."[8]

National Chairs[edit]

Nicholas Sarwark 2014-present
Geoff Neale 2012-2014
Mark Hinkle 2010-2012
Bill Redpath 2006–2010
Michael Dixon 2004–2006
Geoff Neale 2002–2004
Jim Lark 2000–2002
David Bergland 1998–2000
Steve Dasbach 1993–1998
Mary Gingell 1991–1993
Dave Walter (political activist) December 1988-1991
Jim Turney (political activist) August 1985-December 1988
Randy VerHagen May 1985-August 1985
Paul K. Grant 1983–1985
Alicia Clark 1981–1983
David Bergland 1977–1981
Ed Crane 1974–1977
Susan Nolan 1972-1974
David Nolan 1971-1972

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