Libertarian National Committee

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Libertarian National Committee
Founded 1971
Headquarters Washington, D.C., U.S.
Key people
Nicholas Sarwark, Chairman
Arvin Vohra, Vice Chairman
Tim Hagan, Treasurer
Alicia Mattson, Secretary
Website [1]

The Libertarian National Committee (LNC) controls and manages the affairs, properties, and funds of the United States Libertarian Party. It is composed of the party officers, five at-large representatives elected every two years at the national convention, and a theoretical maximum of 10 regional representatives. The current chair, elected in June 2014, is Nicholas Sarwark.[1] The Executive Director is Wes Benedict.[2]

The Libertarian National Committee has lobbied or filed lawsuits against laws and regulations that restrict contributions to parties and candidates.[3][4][5][6]

The Libertarian National Committee is a separate entity from the "Libertarian National Congressional Committee", a Federal Elections Commission registered entity,[7] now doing business as the "Libertarian National Campaign Committee."[8]

National Chairs[edit]

Nicholas Sarwark 2014–present
Geoff Neale 2012–2014
Mark Hinkle 2010–2012
Bill Redpath 2006–2010
Michael Dixon 2004–2006
Geoff Neale 2002–2004
Jim Lark 2000–2002
David Bergland 1998–2000
Steve Dasbach 1993–1998
Mary Gingell 1991–1993
Dave Walter (political activist) December 1988–1991
Jim Turney (political activist) August 1985 – December 1988
Randy VerHagen May 1985 – August 1985
Paul K. Grant 1983–1985
Alicia Clark 1981–1983
David Bergland 1977–1981
Ed Crane 1974–1977
Susan Nolan 1972–1974
David Nolan 1971–1972

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