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Libertarian Party
LeaderAdam Brown[1]
Founded21 November 2007[2]
HeadquartersBM LPUK, London, WC1N 3XX
Youth wingYoung Libertarians[3]
Classical liberalism[4]
International affiliationInternational Alliance of Libertarian Parties,[5]
European Parliament groupEurope of Freedom and Direct Democracy
Colours     Blue      gold

The Libertarian Party, also known as the Libertarian Party UK (or LPUK), is a libertarian political party in the United Kingdom.[4][2] Adam Brown has been the party's leader since August 2015.[1][7]


The party was founded in January 2008 under the leadership of Patrick Vessey, having registered the party with the Electoral Commission in November 2007.[2] In May 2008, Daily Telegraph leader writer Alex Singleton claimed the founders should have set up a pressure group rather than a party. Singleton believed the new party would reduce the influence of libertarianism.[8]

On 17 September 2008, Vessey resigned as party leader and was replaced by Ian Parker-Joseph.[citation needed] The party claimed a membership of 1,000 and hoped, in the wake of the MP expenses scandal, "to establish themselves in the media landscape with a couple of robust performances".[9] He said the party wanted much smaller government and would initially cut taxation to 10% before removing it altogether.[10]

On 28 November 2010, Andrew Withers was elected as party leader.[11][better source needed]

Following an internal ballot on 15 August 2015, party members elected Adam Brown as the party leader.[1]

During the 2018 local elections, the party was described as on "the fringes of mainstream British politics".[12]

In October 2018, MEP Bill Etheridge, a former member of UKIP, joined the party[13] and became its deputy chairman.[14] He continued as a member of the EFDD parliamentary group in the European Parliament.[15] However, Etheridge then left to join the Brexit Party in February 2019.

Electoral performance[edit]

General elections[edit]

2010 general election
Constituency Candidate Votes %
Devizes Nic Coome 141 0.3[16]
Sutton & Cheam Martin Cullip 41 0.1[17]

The party did not field parliamentary candidates at the 2015 general election, describing it as a "waste of time and funds".[11]

2017 general election
Constituency Candidate Votes %
Basingstoke Scott Neville 213 0.4[18]
Blaydon Michael Marchetti 114 0.2[19]
Hull West & Hessle Will Taylor 67 0.2[20]
Portsmouth North Joe Jenkins 130 0.3[21]


54th Parliament

Election Candidate Votes % of votes Position
Norwich North by-election, 2009 Thomas Burridge 36 0.1 11th

57th Parliament

Election Candidate Votes % of votes Position
Lewisham East by-election, 2018 Sean Finch 38 0.2 11th

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