Libertarian Party of Arkansas

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Libertarian Party of Arkansas
ChairpersonMichael Pakko
National affiliationLibertarian Party (United States)

The Libertarian Party of Arkansas is the Arkansas affiliate of the Libertarian Party.

Officially recognized[1] as a political party since 2011, the Libertarian Party of Arkansas has fielded statewide and local candidates in every election since. In 2016, the Libertarian Party was the only party to contest all four of Arkansas' Congressional seats. Statewide, the Party ran 25 candidates at the state and local level, receiving a total of 356,287 votes for Libertarian candidates out of 4,707,488 votes cast in those races --a total percentage of 7.56%.[2]

Vote totals for Libertarian candidates in Arkansas[edit]

U.S. President[edit]

Year Candidate Votes Percentage
1980 Ed Clark 8,970 1.07%
1984 David Bergland 2,221 0.25%
1988 Ron Paul 3,297 0.40%
1992 Andre Marrou 1,261 0.13%
1996 Harry Browne 3,076 0.35%
2000 2,781 0.30%
2004 Michael Badnarik 2,352 0.22%
2008 Bob Barr 4,776 0.44%
2012 Gary Johnson 16,276 1.52%
2016 29,829 2.64%

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