Libertarian Party of Australia

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Libertarian Party of Australia
Founded 2015
Headquarters Parramatta, New South Wales
Ideology Classical liberalism
Fiscal conservatism
Politics of Australia
Political parties

The Libertarian Party of Australia is a small Australian political party re-founded in 2015. The Libertarian Party purports to adhere to free market principles very similar to those of the United States Libertarian Party. The Libertarian Party's official platform takes a laissez-faire approach to economics and has very socially liberal policies on civil liberties. It adheres to the libertarian philosophy.

The preceding incarnation of the party formed in 2005 claimed members in three states but was not registered [1] with the Australian Electoral Commission for elections because of its small size. The party was relaunched in 2015 under a new executive.

The party was organizationally unrelated to an earlier Libertarian Party of Australia that was organized in the 1970s and folded in the late 1980s.[1]

The Libertarian Party of the 1970s to 1980s was a minor Australian political party that contested the 1983 federal election. It was formed in 1977 as a result of a split in the Workers Party over the adoption of the new name "Progress Party". The South Australian branch originally preserved the "Workers Party" name until 1980 when it changed its name to the Libertarian Party.[2]


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