Libertarian Party of Minnesota

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Libertarian Party of Minnesota
Chairman Chris Dock
Founded 1972; 45 years ago (1972)
Headquarters 3270 W Lake St, Minneapolis, Minn., 55416
Membership (March 2014) 212
Ideology Libertarianism (American)
National affiliation Libertarian Party
Colors      Gold/Yellow
0 / 67
House of Representatives
0 / 134
U.S. Senate
0 / 2
U.S. House of Representatives
0 / 8

The Libertarian Party of Minnesota is a state affiliate of the United States Libertarian Party.


The Libertarian Party of Minnesota was formed in 1972 after Charles Brekke and Steve Richardson wrote to the Libertarian Party, headquartered in Colorado, requesting to charter a state group. They were joined by Frank Haws and Rich Kleinow, who were independently seeking a way to get Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Dr. John Hospers on the ballot in Minnesota.

The first meeting of the LPMN was held at Brekke's home in Minneapolis where Ed Contoski was elected as the LPMN's first party Chair, Rich Kleinow was elected Vice Chairman, Charles Brekke secretary, and Claudia Jenson treasurer. The original signers of the LPMN charter, considered the founders of the LPMN and the first Executive Committee, were:[3]

  • Ed Contoski (Chair)
  • Rich Kleinow (Vice Chair)
  • Claudia Jensen (Treasurer)
  • Charles Brekke (Secretary)
  • Georgiena Brekke
  • Jack Buxell
  • Jane Buxell
  • Franklin Haws
  • Arnette Putman
  • Marc Putman
  • Stephen Richardson

In 1974, Rich Kleinow and Claudia Jensen were the first two candidates for the Libertarian Party of Minnesota, on the ballot for Governor and Lieutenant Governor, respectively. Kleinow/Jensen received 1,858 votes and came in 7th place.[4] Dale Hemming, LPMN Chair[5] in 1976, ran for Congress in 1976 and 1978.

Current Party Leadership[edit]

Party leaders are elected each year at the Libertarian Party of Minnesota's State Convention.[6]

  • Chris Dock — State Party Chair
  • S.L. Malleck — State Party Vice Chair
  • Mike Hedkte — State Party Secretary
  • Mary O’Connor — State Party Treasurer
  • Kevin Bradley — Executive Director
  • Bob Odden - At Large
  • Collin Daugherty - At Large
  • Cindy Hucks - At Large
  • Ryan Waterbury - At Large
  • Olga Parsons - At Large
  • Randal Anderson - At Large
  • Chris Holbrook - At Large
  • Shane Wernsing - At Large

Current Elected Officials[edit]

  • Alicia Ascheman, Pine City School Board (elected Nov 2013)[7]
  • Roger Parras, St. Peter City Council (elected Nov 2013)[8]
  • Elizabeth Dahl, Crystal City Council (elected November 2014)[9]
  • Olga Parsons, Crystal City Council (elected November 2014)[9]

2014 Candidates[edit]

  • Chris Holbrook, Governor
  • Chris Dock, Lt. Governor
  • Heather Johnson, US Senate
  • Keegan Iversen, State Auditor
  • Bob Odden, Secretary of State
  • Mary O’Connor, Attorney General
  • Elizabeth Dahl, Crystal City Council
  • Olga Parsons, Crystal City Council