Libertarian Party of New Hampshire

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Libertarian Party of New Hampshire
Chairperson Darryl W. Perry
Founded 1971
Headquarters Concord, New Hampshire
Ideology Libertarianism, Classical liberalism
National affiliation Libertarian Party
Colors a shade of Gray or Blue; Gold
Statewide Offices
0 / 6
State Senate
0 / 24
State House
1 / 400
Local Elected Offices >20
Official Website

Libertarian Party of New Hampshire is the New Hampshire affiliate of the Libertarian Party of the United States. The party's current Chair is Darryl W. Perry. On July 16, 1991 Calvin Warburton became the first sitting legislator to switch parties to the Libertarian Party, and the first Libertarian legislator in the contiguous 48 states. Warburton was serving his seventh term as a Republican state representative in New Hampshire when, at age 81, he switched to the Libertarian Party.[1] In 1992, four Libertarians were elected to the New Hampshire House of Representatives. Warburton (who was re-elected to an eighth term), Andy Borsa, Don Gorman, and Finlay Rothhaus were all elected as state representatives. The four formed an officially recognized Libertarian Caucus with Gorman as the Libertarian Floor Leader. From 1973 to 1976, Gorman had served in the legislature as a Republican.[2] In 1994, Don Gorman was re-elected to the New Hampshire House of Representatives along with Jim McClarin.[3]

State Representative Caleb Q. Dyer changed party affiliation to the Libertarian Party from the Republican Party on February 9, 2017.[4]

Past and present office holders[edit]

  • Caleb Q. Dyer - State Representative
  • John Babiarz - Grafton Fire Chief; Past Grafton Cemetery Trustee; Justice of the Peace
  • Rosalie Babiarz - Chair of the Grafton Planning Board; Past Grafton Supervisor of the Checklist; Justice of the Peace; Past Grafton Town Auditor, Past School District Clerk
  • Dawn Lincoln - Winchester School Board Clerk
  • Rich Tomasso - Vice Chair, Nashua Conservation Committee
  • Steve Bacon - Greenland Town Town Budget Committee
  • Charles Carroll - Planning Commission, Rindge
  • Stephen G. Davis - Wentworth Town Moderator
  • Stephen G. Davis - Wentworth School District Moderator
  • William Discipio - Sandown Budget Committee
  • Eugene J. Donohue - Marlboro Town & School Budget Committee
  • John Drabinowicz - Vice Chair, Hudson Town Budget Committee
  • Jeffrey Emery - Wentworth Supervisor of the Checklist
  • Mary Gere - Unity Selectman
  • Donald Gorman - Trustee of the Trust Fund, Deerfield
  • Donald Gorman - Deerfield School Board
  • Donald Gorman - Chair, Deerfield Zoning Board of Adjustment
  • David Marshall - Wilmot Supervisor of the Checklist
  • Jim McIntosh - Assistant Chairman, Lisbon Regional School Board
  • Richard Meyers - Merrimack Zoning Board of Adjustment
  • Susan M. Newell - Winchester Town Budget Committee
  • Paul Pinette - Kingston Library Board of Trustees
  • Regan Pride - Lisbon Selectman
  • Boyd Quackenbush - Vice Chair, Antrim Zoning Board of Adjustment
  • Finlay Rothhaus - Merrimack Budget Committee
  • Daniel John Stafford - Canaan Planning Board
  • Robert C. Stock - Stafford Regional Planning Commissioner, Barrington Planning Board, Chair of the Barrington Board Of Selectmen the Chair of the Barrington Advisory Budget Committee.
  • David K. Sullivan - North Conway Town Budget Committee
  • George P. Tyler - Laconia Airport Authority
  • James K. Wallack - Londonderry Economic Development Committee
  • Howard Wilson - Trustee of Trust Funds, Andover, NH

Election Results[edit]


  • Gary Johnson/Jim Gray [President] 1.2% 8,233
  • John Babiarz [Governor] 2.9% 19,635
  • Brendan Kelly [Congress District 1] 4.3% 14,968
  • Hardy Macia [Congress District 2] 4.4% 14,656
  • Richard Kahn [Senate District 14] 3% 685
  • Rich Tomasso [Senate District 16] 3% 924





  • Richard Kahn [Congress District 2] 3.4% 11,311





  • Ken Blevins [Governor] 2.7% 8,655


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