Libertarian Party of Russia

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Libertarian Party of Russia

Либертарианская Партия России
LeaderSergey Boyko
Founded15 April 2008
HeadquartersMoscow, Russia
Political positionRight-wing
International affiliationInternational Alliance of Libertarian Parties
ColoursWhite, yellow, orange

The Libertarian Party of Russia (Russian: Либертарианская партия России, romanizedLibertarianskaya partiya Rossii) is a right-libertarian political party in the Russian Federation founded in 2008 based on "self-ownership and non-aggression".[1] The party has had two members elected to local office, one in Moscow and the other in Moscow Oblast. The first, Vera Kichanova, was elected in 2012 to the municipal council of the Yuzhnoye Tushino District of Moscow.[2] The second, Andrey Shalnev, was elected in 2014 as an independent deputy council for the Pushkino District.[3] The party coordinates the Adam Smith Forum (an annual international libertarian conference in Moscow), participates in the organization of the Free People's Forum (which discusses Russian politics), and runs other activities and publications, including a monthly newspaper and a podcast series.[1]

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