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A libertarian Republican is a politician or Republican party member who has advocated libertarian policies while typically voting for and being involved with the United States Republican Party.

Beliefs and size[edit]

Opposition to the use of the term libertarian Republican comes from the libertarian adherence to the non-aggression principle, advocating that the initiation of force against the life, liberty or property of an individual is immoral, and to which the Republican Party platform and its ideological base of neoconservative partisans do not adhere.[1][2]

The Republican Party is divided into factions. In a 2014 Pew Research Center survey on political typology and polarization survey, 12% of Republicans described themselves as libertarian.[3] The libertarian branch of the party is smaller than other branches, including "Main Street" voters (pragmatic, establishment-supporting, open to more compromise), Tea Party voters (radical right-wing populists with "a deep mistrust of experts, elites and even the G.O.P. establishment"), and Christian conservatives (dominated by white evangelical voters, mostly from the South).[4] However, the libertarian bloc in the party is larger in size than several other groups, such as former Northeastern moderate Republicans (which have almost disappeared) and hawkish "national security" voters who favor neoconservativism.[4] Compared to other Republican factions, libertarian Republicans have relatively little party loyalty.[4]

According to a 2012 New York Times analysis, libertarian Republicans have a variety of motivating issues. On economic and domestic policy, they favor cutting taxes and regulations, repealing the Affordable Care Act, and protecting gun rights.[4] On social issues, they favor privacy and oppose the USA Patriot Act, support abortion rights, and oppose the War on Drugs.[4] On foreign and defense policy, libertarian Republicans are "fiercely isolationist."[4] Two-thirds of libertarian Republicans are males.[4]

The Republican Liberty Caucus, which describes itself as "the oldest continuously operating organization in the Liberty Republican movement with state charters nationwide," was founded in 1991.[5] Among the group's past chairs are Chuck Muth.[5]

The House Liberty Caucus is a congressional caucus formed by Representative Justin Amash, Republican of Michigan. In 2014, the group "consisted of about 30 libertarian-inclined Republicans (and occasional Democratic visitors like Jared Polis)."[6] The group is a rival to the conservative Republican Study Committee, which favors high military spending.[6]

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