Libertarian Review

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Libertarian Review
Former editors Roy Childs
Categories Politics
Frequency Monthly
Founder Robert Kephart
Year founded 1972
Final issue November/December 1981
Country United States
Based in Washington, D.C
Language English
ISSN 0364-0302

Libertarian Review was a libertarian magazine published until 1981. It had been established by Robert Kephart in 1972 as a book-review magazine, initially titled SIL Book Review (2 issues), then Books for Libertarians, and was renamed with the March, 1974 issue. In 1977, Charles Koch purchased the magazine and turned it into a national magazine under the editorship of Roy Childs.

At the time, there were two other slick-paper libertarian magazines, Reason, which at the time leaned towards the right wing of the libertarian spectrum, and Inquiry, which tilted left. Libertarian Review was more movement-oriented than either magazine. It also differed from both in its strong opposition to nuclear energy.

In the summer of 1981, the Koch Foundation, which was funding Inquiry as well as Libertarian Review, decided that it could not continue to support two magazines and folded Libertarian Review into Inquiry starting with the January 1982 issue. The last issue was November/December 1981. However, Cato then transferred Inquiry to the Libertarian Review Foundation with the February 1982 issue.

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