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The Libertarian Workers Group (LWG) was a New York City-based anarcho-syndicalist affinity group founded in 1978. It was a member of the US Anarchist Communist Federation (ACF). The Libertarian Workers Group left the ACF in 1981, as did affinity groups in Milwaukee, Toronto, Montreal and elsewhere.

The LWG had conferences with these other affinity groups. The groups agreed to continue to publish a continental publication, Strike!. Collectively, they engaged in other projects including Libertarian Aid to Latin American Workers (LALAW), creating the publication No Middle Ground. Also together, the groups worked to support for underground workers' and anarchist movements in the Soviet Union. Concurrent with these other projects the specifically anarcho-syndicalist journal Ideas and Action was launched.

Areas of LWG activity in the New York and New Jersey region included activities in the needle trades, hotel industry, warehousing and among students. LWG members initiated the rank-and-file oriented Needle Trades Workers Action Committee (NTWAC). It also issued a semi-regular newsletter, On the Line, as well as many topical leaflets.

In addition to workplace activities, LWG members were active in the anti-nuclear power and arms movement, and formed the Anarchist Local of the anti-nuclear group the SHAD Alliance. LWG also tried to reach out to African American workers, and was active in condemning the apartheid in South Africa.

In November 1984, the LWG, along with anarcho-syndicalists from San Francisco, West Virginia, Montreal and elsewhere met in New York and established the Workers Solidarity Alliance; Ideas and Action became the WSA's journal. The newly formed organization became the United States affiliate of the International Workers Association.