Libertas Netherlands

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Libertas Nederland
Leader Alexander Brom[1]
Founded on/before 18 March 2009
Headquarters Socratesstraat 289, 3076 BW Rotterdam.[2]
Ideology anti-Lisbon Treaty, Pan-European nationalism
European affiliation Libertas Party Limited
European Parliament group none
Colours blue, gold

Libertas Netherlands (Dutch: Libertas Nederland) is a political party in the Netherlands. It contended the 2009 European Parliament elections under a common banner with Libertas Party Limited, the organization founded by Declan Ganley.


Ganleys registration with the Dutch Electoral Council (Kiesraad) to allow Libertas Nederland to run in the 2009 elections in the Netherlands[3] was successful.[2]

On 18 March 2009, Nederland Transparant proclaimed their support for Libertas. Nederland Transparent did not field their own candidates for the European Parliament election, 2009 because of a dispute with the Dutch government over whether they were the successor to, or the same party as Europa Transparent after their merger on January 1, 2008.[4] However, during a press conference on 18 March 2009 Ganley announced Alexander Brom, one of Nederland Transparant's members and former candidates, as the president of Libertas Nederland.[1]

2009 European Parliament elections[edit]

Libertas Nederlands presented an electoral list with 24 candidates (see List of Libertas list candidates at the 2009 European Parliament elections) but could not gain any mandate.

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