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Libertas Polska
Leader Originally Daniel Pawłowiec[1][2]
later Declan Ganley[3][4]
Founded ~2006/7[5] (as Pawlowiec's Lewica i Demokraci)
2 February 2009.[6] (announced as Libertas Polska)
24 February 2009[5] (renamed to Libertas Polska)
Headquarters Aleje Ujazdowskie 22/3, 00-478 Warsaw[7]
Ideology anti-Lisbon Treaty, Euroscepticism
European affiliation Libertas Party Limited
European Parliament group none
Colours blue, gold

Libertas Poland (Libertas Polska, LP) is a political party in Poland. It contended the 2009 European Parliament elections under a common banner with Libertas Party Limited, the organization founded by Declan Ganley.

Pawlowiec's Lewica i Demokraci[edit]

Before the Polish parliamentary election, 2007, three LPR then-members, Cyprian Gutkowski, Daniel Pawłowiec and Sebastian Jargut, registered a party called Lewica i Demokraci, (Left and Democrats).[5] The party was a party-in-name-only designed to frustrate[5] the party of the same name, which was forced to register itself as SLD+SdPl+PD+UP – Lewica i Demokraci (LiD) instead.[5]

Declan Ganley visited[8][9] Poland on Friday 9 January 2009[10] to discuss terms for the formation of the Poland branch of Libertas with representatives from Forward Poland (NP), PSL Piast and Prawica Rzeczypospolitej (PR).[10] Ganley insisted that the Poland Libertas party used the word "Libertas" in the title but the party politicians were concerned that the non-Polish name would deter voters.[10] The name "Forward Poland - Libertas" (Naprzód Polsko – Libertas) was suggested as a compromise name[10] should NP decide to ally with Libertas.

On February 1, 2009,[11] Ganley spoke to the inaugural Warsaw meeting of the Referendum Committee (Komitetu Referendalnego), an organization advocating that referendums be held prior to treaty ratifications by Poland.[11][12] The speech was filmed and placed on YouTube (prolog, part 1, part 2). The meeting attendance was estimated at 700[12] or 500[11] and attendees included[11][13] Mirosław Orzechowski (LPR), Zdzisław Podkański (PSL), Krzysztof Filipek and Danuta Hojarska (once Samoobrona, now Party of Regions) and Antoni Tyszka (UPR), Konrad Bonisławski (head of All-Polish Youth) and Krzysztof Bosak (former LPR MP).

On February 2, 2009[6][11] a press conference was given[7] in which the head of the Referendum Committee, former LPR MP Daniel Pawłowiec, was named as head[1][2][7] of Libertas Poland (Libertas Polska, LP), and the Referendum Committee offices at Aleje Ujazdowskie 22/3, 00-478 Warsaw were named as the headquarters of Libertas Poland.[7]

Although the party had been announced, it did not exist under that name at that point: registering a political party in Poland is a lengthy process.[5] Instead, Pawlowiec's Lewica i Demokraci was renamed to Libertas Polska, the new name being registered on 24 February 2009[5]


On 11 February 2009, Libertas Poland held a press conference concerning the emergency meeting of the European Council.[14] In that press conference, Libertas Poland demanded that the Polish government should reduce VAT following the UK example,[14] propose an EU joint energy policy,[14] and reopen the labor markets of Germany and Austria to Polish workers.[14]


Libertas attempted to get other parties to affiliate (run candidates under a common list) to it. Libertas's search for affiliates was assisted by Roman Giertych[15] and Wojciech Wierzejski,[16] with Wierzejski resigning from the leadership of LPR to devote his time to the unification of the Polish patriotic, nationalist, conservative and Christian right under a Libertas list.[17]

Parties that did affiliate to Libertas[edit]

The parties that affiliated with Libertas Poland and the parent organization are as follows:

  • Forward Poland and PSL Piast
Forward Poland (Naprzód Polsko, NP) originally rejected[18] cooperation with Libertas because they felt that Libertas did not reflect their desire for a more independent Poland.[18] PSL Piast (a.k.a. Stronnictwo "Piast") also initially rejected[18][19] cooperation with Libertas for similar reasons to Forward Poland[18] and because the party did not have a Polish name.[19] Instead, the two parties planned to run their own combined list (Naprzód Polsko - Piast) in the 2009 elections.[20]
But the two parties eventually decided to affiliate to Libertas[21] and candidates from the two parties appeared on the Libertas lists.[22] The decision to affiliate was not unanimously welcomed within the two parties.[15]
There was a controversy involving allegations of forged signatures in constituency number 11[23] and the Naprzód Polsko - Piast list did field candidates in that constituency.[20]
  • Partia Regionów
Partia Regionów considered running under a Libertas list.[19] Partia Regionów's president, Bolesław Borysiuk, negotiated cooperation with Libertas Polska[24] and he announced in PR's inaugural Congress that PR's candidates were likely to run under a Libertas list alongside Libertas Polska,[25] and this did in fact occur.[22]
  • League of Polish Families
As of 9 March 2009, League of Polish Families (LPR) were still considering whether to run under a Libertas list or form their own, either by themselves or with UPR, or Prawica Rzeczypospolitej.[26] But by 19 March, Ganley was distancing Libertas from LPR.[27] Nevertheless, Libertas and LPR were still in ongoing discussions on Friday 27 March 2009[28] about running under a common list. By 21 April 2009, LPR had agreed to affiliate to Libertas[21] and their candidates did run under the Libertas list[22][29] instead of their own list[30] in the 2009 European Parliament elections.
  • Organizacja Narodu Polskiego – Liga Polska
Organizacja Narodu Polskiego – Liga Polska affiliated to Libertas.[31][32][33]
  • Zjednoczenie Chrześcijańsko-Narodowe
Zjednoczenie Chrześcijańsko-Narodowe (ZChN) affiliated to Libertas.[31][32][34]

Parties that did not affiliate to Libertas[edit]

The parties that considered affiliating with Libertas Poland and the parent organization, but did not, are as follows:

  • Prawica Rzeczypospolitej
Prawica Rzeczypospolitej considered Libertas to have Eurofederalist aspects and rejected Libertas accordingly.[35] No Prawica Rzeczypospolitej candidates appeared on the Libertas list in the 2009 European Parliament elections.[22]
  • Law and Justice
Law and Justice (PiS) personnel[3] were mentioned by Pawłowiec as possible Libertas candidates, although no names were given.[3] Libertas tried to get PiS to affiliate to it[36] but it did not do so,[37] and instead ran a full list of its own,[38] although one of its members (Slawomir Ligecki[39]) did defect to Libertas.


Person Position
Declan Ganley President[3][4]
Daniel Pawłowiec Originally President,[14] later Vice-president.[3][4] Former LPR MP
Artur Zawisza Vice-president[14] and former PR MP

TVP controversy[edit]

On 20 March 2009, journalist Hanna Lis refused to do a TVP interview with Declan Ganley.[40] Controversy promptly arose revolving around LPR's Roman Giertych[40] and whether LPR were encouraging coverage of Libertas on TVP[40] via Piotr Farfał the President of TVP[41] and a member of LPR.[40] Hanna Lis,[42] Piotr Kraśko,[42] and Jarosław Kulczycki,[42] the three presenters of a nightly news program, took sick leave in protest, forcing the news to be presented by Marcin Szczepański.[42]

European Parliament elections, 2009[edit]

Libertas Poland started work on/before 20 March 2009 on collecting sufficient signatures to field candidates,[3][4] although the number and names of those candidates was not specified.[3][4] By 2 May 2008, a Libertas Election Committee (Komitet Wyborczy Libertas) had been formed and its list consisted of 130[31] candidates, later falling to 128.[22] The breakdown was as follows:[31]

Party/Movement of
which candidates were
current/former members
Acronym Number of
candidates on
Libertas list
Number of
candidates on
Libertas list
Law and Justice PiS 1 0
Organizacja Narodu Polskiego - Liga Polska ? 1 0
Zjednoczenie Chrześcijańsko-Narodowe ZChN 1 0
Radio Maryja n/a 2 2
Libertas Polska LP 3 2
Forward Poland NP 6 2
Partia Regionów PR 6 1
Polskie Stronnictwo Ludowe "Piast" PSL Piast 13 1
Liga Polskich Rodzin LPR 40 2
other n/a 57 3


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