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LibertyLink is a magnetic wireless data transfer system developed by Aura Communications. The system is based on electromagnetic induction.

The system consists of two chips, each connected to a coil. The transmitter coil creates a low-power “quasi-static” electromagnetic field with a near-zero electric field component. This means that any field fluctuations will not travel very far. This allows for delivery of full duplex voice and data within the personal-area network range, up to 10 feet (3 m).

The transceivers provide 410 kbit/s data rates using time-division-duplexing of a Gaussian Minimum Shift Keyed (GMSK) modulated magnetic field at 13.56 MHz. Each pair of transmitter and receiver iuses a unique 16-bit code for a "secure bubble of communication" between the chips.

The main current competition for this technology is Bluetooth.

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