Liberty Avenue, Yerevan

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Liberty Avenue
Liberty avenue, Yerevan, 2015 b.jpg
The Liberty Avenue in summer 2014, view from north to south
Native name Ազատության Պողոտա  (Armenian)
Length 2.2 km (1.4 mi)
Location Kanaker-Zeytun District and Arabkir District,
Yerevan, Armenia

Liberty Avenue (Armenian: Ազատության Պողոտա), is an avenue separating the Kanaker-Zeytun District from the Arabkir District in the Armenian capital Yerevan.

The avenue starts with the Yerevan Cascade and the Victory Park at the south and ends up with the Tbilisi Highway at the north, near the abandoned ErAZ automobile factory.

Notable landmarks[edit]

Many prominent landmarks of the Yerevan city are located on the Liberty Avenue including:



Coordinates: 40°12′07″N 44°31′21″E / 40.20194°N 44.52250°E / 40.20194; 44.52250