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Liberty Interactive Corporation
NASDAQ-100 Components (QVCA and LVNTA)
Industry Media holding company
Founded Spin-off from Liberty Media
Headquarters Douglas County, Colorado, United States[1]
Key people
John C. Malone, Chairman
Greg Maffei, President and Chief Executive Officer
Revenue Increase US$ 10.219 billion (2016)[2]
Decrease US$1.011 billion (2016)[2]
Decrease US$473 million (2016)[2]
Total assets Decrease US$14.357 billion (2016)[2]
Total equity Decrease US$4.860 billion (2016)[2]
Owner John C. Malone[3]
Liberty Media
Number of employees
Company and subsidiaries:
24,000 (December 2010)[2]
Divisions List of divisions

Liberty Interactive Corporation, commonly referred to as Liberty Interactive, is an American media conglomerate controlled by company Chairman John C. Malone, who owns a majority of the voting shares.



Liberty Interactive was originally a division of Liberty Media; on September 28, 1998, Liberty Media announced the formation of Liberty Interactive, a division which would take advantage of new technologies such as set-top boxes to develop interactive programming. The company would own eighty-six percent of TCI Music Inc. (NASDAQ symbol: TUNE/TUNEP). As of January 1, 1999, E! Entertainment President and Chief Executive Officer Lee Masters would become the new company's CEO, and Bruce Ravenel would be Chief Technology Officer.[4]

On September 10, 1999, Liberty Media Group renamed TCI Music to Liberty Digital Inc. (NASDAQ symbol: LDIG), with the new company trading on NASDAQ's National Market tier, after Liberty Media traded most of its Internet content, interactive television assets, and rights to provide AT&T's cable systems with interactive services, plus cash and notes valued at $150 million, for TCI Music stock.[5] Masters, who became Liberty Digital's CEO, told The Wall Street Journal that the new company had a value of $1 billion, $650 million of that from the interactive unit of Liberty Media, which had also used the name Liberty Digital.[6] Liberty Digital lost $244 million with revenue of $66 million in 1999, thanks to investments in struggling Internet businesses],, TiVo and iVillage. The company bought half of the Game Show Network because of its interactive features.[7]

On December 17, 1999, TCI Satellite Entertainment Inc. (TSAT), based in Englewood, Colorado, announced that Liberty Media was trading its interest in Sprint PCS for $300 million in TCI Satellite preferred stock. A new company, ninety percent owned by Liberty Media and ten percent owned by TCI Satellite, would combine the satellite-related businesses and take advantage of the growing area of Internet content. Liberty Media president and CEO Robert R. Bennett said the deal would benefit stockholders of both companies.[8]


In 2010, Liberty Media announced that it would spin off Liberty Starz and Liberty Capital and keep Liberty Interactive.[9][10]

In July 2014, Liberty Interactive announced it would be selling Provide Commerce (parent of ProFlowers) to FTD in return for an equity stake in FTD.[11] In October 2014, Liberty Interactive announced its board had approved the division of the firm into two trading stocks – one for its shopping business, QVC Group, and another for its digital commerce, Liberty Digital Commerce, which will trade as Liberty Ventures Group.[12] At the same time, Liberty Interactive spun off BuySeasons and its stake in TripAdvisor into a new company, Liberty TripAdvisor Holdings.[13]

In 2015, Liberty Interactive announced it would spin off CommerceHub as a separate company and its interests in Expedia and into a new company, Liberty Expedia Holdings.[14]

In April 2017, Liberty Interactive announced it would acquire Alaskan cable company GCI.[15] On July 6, 2017, Liberty Interactive announced that it would purchase the remaining 62% of HSN stock that it didn't already own, in a $2.1 billion all-stock deal at $40.36 a share. [16][17][18] In July 2017, Liberty Interactive announced that later that year it would spin off its "cable holdings and other non-retail assets" into the new company Liberty Ventures, with Liberty Interactive to be renamed QVC Group. QVC Group will consist of QVC, HSN, and Zulily.[19]


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