Liberty Monument (Nicosia)

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Coordinates: 35°10′17.6″N 33°22′13.1″E / 35.171556°N 33.370306°E / 35.171556; 33.370306

The monument

The Liberty Monument (Greek: Μνημείο Ελευθερίας, "Mnēmeío Eleftherías" or "Eleftheria Monument") is a monument in the city of Nicosia in Cyprus.

The Liberty Monument was erected in 1973 to honor the anti-British EOKA fighters of the Cyprus Emergency of 1955–1959. It is located at the Podocattaro Bastion of the Venetian walls.[1]

The large monument contains several statues. Atop the structure, a statue representing liberty watches over two heroic EOKA fighters pulling chains to open a prison gate, allowing Greek Cypriot prisoners, peasants, and clergy (represented by various statues) to escape British rule.[2]


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