Liberty Tree Tavern

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Liberty Tree Tavern
Liberty Tree Tavern Restaurant (2600635495).jpg
Restaurant information
Food typeAmerican cuisine
Postal/ZIP Code32830
CountryUnited States
Coordinates28°25′08″N 81°34′57″W / 28.419027°N 81.582573°W / 28.419027; -81.582573
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Liberty Tree Tavern is a restaurant located in the Liberty Square section of the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. The restaurant has a colonial theme, specifically that of New England. The menu includes tavern ham, pot roast, turkey, cheeseburger, and Boston cream pie.[1]

Each room takes its name from a notable American Revolutionary War hero I.E.; Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Martha Washington, John Paul Jones, Betsy Ross, and Thomas Jefferson.[2][3]


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