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Liberum Help Desk is web-based, help desk software used for tracking support cases within an IT or technical support department. It handles the automatic routing of tickets and notifies the end user of updates or solutions to their cases. Liberum Help Desk is released under an open source license and is free to download and use. The project is maintained by Doug Luxem.


Liberum Help Desk is free software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.


  • Completely web-based interface
  • Windows authentication or integrated database authentication
  • E-mail updates with case notes and solutions
  • Automatic case routing base on ticket category
  • Reporting on support rep activity and case categorization
  • Written in Active Server Pages and VBScript
  • May use Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Access as a database engine


The first release was in June, 2000. The current stable release is version 0.97.3 and was made available in August, 2002. There is currently a beta release available which offers additional features such as file attachments and support rep groups.

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